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Business Benefits
High-Def Thermal Imaging
Physicians Insight
Patient Benefits

Physicians Insight

A reliable, efficient interpretation service is the KEY to providing patients with timely, thermal imaging results.
INTERPRETER QUALIFICATIONS: Board certified MD’s, trained to analyze thermal images, will provide the report analysis through the Physicians Insight management system. Provision for overreads and consultations with their peers are always available to each reading thermologist.
IMAGE QUALITY ASSURANCE: Images are reviewed immediately after submission to assure that the imaging techniques are optimal for accurate analysis.
REPORT PROCESS: Four steps are all it takes. Step 1- Enter patient data Step 2- Image patient Step 3-Upload to P I server. Step 4-Print finished report including images
TIMELY PROCESSING: Physicians Insight, as part of its time commitment, tracks the progress of your patient’s images and information thru the system assuring delivery of the final report within 48 hours.
HIPAA COMPLIANT: The Physicians Insight web application was designed and built with the necessary encryption and security measures to meet and exceed HIPAA Compliance standards.
INTEGRITY: A medical interpretation service must hold to the highest ethical standards. It is important that you have confidence and trust in your interpretation provider to always maintain your patient’s images and reports on secure servers. Experienced healthcare providers using other interpretation services are acutely aware that a provision should be in the contract protecting this information and providing for continued unlimited access to patient records in the event that interpretation service is no longer required. Physicians Insight always provides uninterrupted access to patient reports and protection from indiscriminate termination of service.