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Business Benefits
High-Def Thermal Imaging
Physicians Insight
Patient Benefits

Beyond the spectrum of human vision

Today, finding medical cures for diseases like cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes is critical. As these diseases continue to escalate, an educated public is quickly moving toward the realization that these dreadful diseases need to be avoided whenever possible. The best possible cure is prevention.
A safe, affordable and proven method of early indication screening has a huge potential to meet this demand for preventive, personal health information. Wouldn’t you like to meet this demand in your own office?
We can show you how to provide high quality health and wellness screening with medical infrared imaging.
Deepen your Professional Impact
  • If you need more functional information about your patient....we have the solution
  • Offer follow-up testing. Monitor the effectiveness of your treatment strategies and recommendations in your own office with each visit, if you prefer. No additional cost to you
  • Image specifically to your patient’s needs with combinations of regions-of-interests
  • Provide timely, professional and reliable reporting to your patients with our Physicians Insight interpretation service. We offer clear, easy to comprehend reporting with recommendations and insights
  • Proven applications are backed by reliable peer-reviewed studies
Reinforce your Practice
  • Conserve your own personal time in the office by generating income with an assisting technician
  • Enjoy immediate cash income. Patients are willing to pay at the time of service
  • Use your technician’s time wisely. Intuitive and user-friendly software provides quick and accurate imaging and seamless upload agent for study submissions
  • Carefree, hands-off technical support. We take care of technical problems with our innovative remote support while your technician goes about their business. We call you when we are finished
  • Save advertising expense with access to our professionally designed marketing materials. No need to re-invent the wheel.

No professional liability. Images interpreted by professionals will reveal indications of developing conditions only.
Affordable acquisitions options.
We can offer customized arrangements to meet your individual needs.

Thermography is not a stand alone diagnostic device and does not replace any other diagnostic device or examination, and  is therefore used as an adjunctive screening tool with other such devices and examinations.